How This Works

You are probably thinking the following questions:
  • Aren't there organizations like this already established?
  • What sets it apart from other organizations?
  • If these people need it, why haven't they created a GoFundMe campaign?
Yes, there are many different non-profit organizations already established, but with the following explanation, you will understand why you will want to get involved.  The idea for We Event Organization came after founder Brooke Brown stumbled across a discussion in a Facebook group where the person asked what said experience at said concert was like following the information that this person has NEVER been able to afford to attend this artist's concert. This sparked the idea that it must be happening across all fan communities for many different events.  Why not expand this to ALL events?
To address the GoFundMe question, while a great idea and platform, people have found a way "to abuse" the system.  People encounter financial hardships daily, but let's face it, some of these financial hardships are worse than others.  In all honesty, being lazy and asking for money should not be celebrated. With that being said, the We Event Organization will work based on monetary donations, and event ticket donations.   There will be TWO possible ways of getting these donations. The nomination process and the application process.

The Nomination Process: Do you know a person who have NEVER been able to afford tickets for their favorite event? If so, you will nominate them in our community forum with the following information: "I nominate ________ to attend ______. They have NEVER had the means to attend ______. " The nominee then has to endorse this nomination with proof of never attending event along with the nomination. The community will then be about to donate based on the value of event or donate the tickets.  *Note* Each nomination has to submitted at least 3 months prior to event date. Only one nomination per person per event.

The Application Process: Have you always wanted to attend the event of your dreams? Apply to attend the event by using our community forum with the following information: "I have NEVER been able to attend  _______ due to my personal circumstances. I hope the community has it in your hearts to help me attend _______."  Applicant must prove to the community they have never attended the event. *Note* Applicant must apply at least 3 months prior to event date. Only one nomination per person per event.

*Disclaimer: During a beta testing stage of this organization, the community agreed only to fund event tickets.


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