From Experience

Let me tell you a true story.  The year is constantly filled with announcement of events, and the decision whether or not to attend these events. When Above & Beyond announced their inaugural Anjunbeach event, I approached this event just like any other. I tried to figure out whether I could afford to attend as well as other circumstances. As a person who has had a lot of adversity to overcome concerning life, I know what it is like to miss out on something so great. On the other hand, I have found ways in the past to attend events despite my hardships.

This time, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to attend. I was actually content with this reality. While attending a local trance event, a few friends encouraged me to attend. My response of my current financial strain was met with a couple of friends offering to help me out. I am forever grateful despite my apprehension to take the help provided to me. 

As founder of We Event Organization, I want to help others in my situation be able to attend their events. So please, take this TRUE story to heart, and support the efforts of this organization moving forward!  As the previous updates states, please donate or spread the word to help out our friend Heather for next year!


Brooke Brown


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